Why not hire an expert?

If you were selling your biggest investment, your home, you would probably hire a real estate agent. You do this because that person is an expert in selling homes. So when faced with investing in your child’s education, why not hire an individual who is an expert at navigating the process? Yes, of course, information on schools is readily available on the web and in guidebooks. Yet, unlike a guidebook, Complete College Consulting provides a highly personalized experience for your child. Your son or daughter will receive one-on-one interactions, guidance, and options that they cannot receive anywhere else. College will be the experience of a lifetime for your child and the expense of a life time for your family. It will be the number 1 or 2 largest expense for most families, in their lifetime. But most families treat this experience different than any other buying experience. When else do you apply to purchase (or be enrolled) something and are then told the true cost. At Complete College Consulting we help families understand cost and admissions well before the application process.

The college search and application process can be a source of conflict and stress between parents and students. An independent college counselor can help to keep the student on track and prevent families from being overwhelmed by the process.

By acting as an objective, but caring third party, an independent college counselor can offer confidence in decisions and maintain peace at home.