The College Planning Process – Simplified

With respect to the college planning process, it can be broken down into 3 basic components. Complete College Consulting works with families on all three components of the process.

Student Positioning – The process of aligning a student’s activities to college admission success.

Much can be accomplished, given the time, to ensure that there is a focus on the most appropriate activities for the student. Time is one of our most precious commodities. Focusing on the goal of getting into the best college possible is essential. The earlier you start on the process with a College Consultant the better your chances of aligning the activities with the goal.

Financial Positioning – The Pre-Financial Aid application review and strategy planning process.

Most families will consider the financial aspects of college after a student has submitted applications and been accepted. That is backwards approach and is not recommended. A review of a family’s financial situation prior to applying and determining their EFC (Expected Family Contribution – click here for more information on EFC) is critical and should be done before applying. College can be the expense of a lifetime, let’s do all that we can to understand and plan for this major expense.

Application Submittal – The process of submitting both admission and financial aid paperwork “On Time” and “Accurately”.

Application submittals are very time sensitive and deadline based. The actual date the applications are due will depend on the university requirements. It will also depend on how the student plans to actually apply to the university, such as Early Decision, Early Action, Rolling Admissions, or Regular Admissions. Then there is the financial aid applications will also depend to some degree on the admission plan and which forms are require; only the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student) or the FAFSA and the CSS (College Scholarship Service). These forms are very different as to how they will determine the families’ level of contribution to the cost of college. This is known as EFC – Expected Family Contribution.