Planning is Key

Planning is Key – The process of planning for college should start very early for a high school student.  Waiting is risking the loss of opportunities for your student to have the best chance of getting into the best college possible at the lowest cost possible. At Complete College Consulting the focus is on the process planning and there are many things to accomplish. Starting early will give your student the edge that most families don’t have.  Remember it is a very competitive process.

Planning is the Key to Admissions; Some of the things to consider:

Major Selection – Is undeclared OK?

Test Prep – Which test and when?

Academics – Am I taking the right courses?

Student Theme- Are my extracurricular activities appropriate?

College Selection – Can I find an Academic, Social, and Financial Fit?

Meeting Deadlines – Why are there so many different deadlines?

Admissions Applications – Is my application done correctly?

Essay Planning – Is the essay important?

 Planning is the Key to Financial Aid; Some of the things to consider:

Early review of the families’ financial house (prior to submitting any forms)

Develop a plan of action for the most financial aid (early in the process)

Submittal of accurate Financial Aid forms on time

Review of Financial Aid Offers from the colleges

Develop appeals plan if appropriate

Work toward making college affordable for the family vs. a family burden