What are past clients of Complete College Consulting saying?


Hi Ron,

I met with my principal and deputy principal at my high school last week as I was letting them all know about my success so far with admission into the USA colleges. We had a long talk about what I think they need to do to improve their assistance with future students trying to head to the states for college and so I talked about you and how you’ve been a huge help for me. They asked if it would be okay to have your contact information so I said I would talk to you first. (Student)


Hi Ron, I wanted to thank you again for shepherding us through the process and finding the right fit. After dorming two weeks she has adapted pretty well. She is more responsible, cleaner, focused and engaged. Cal Lutheran has provided a great deal of support, and she is blossoming in the environment.
She is still settling trying to develop efficient study techniques and time management (she finally understands what we have been telling her).
I have no doubt she will be successful at CLU.  if she has not yet written you, she should be doing so soon.

She wanted to wait to have a good understanding of the lay of the land.
Again thank you.


(This was sent from a client to a friend of the family),

It was nice to catch up with you yesterday.

As we discussed, I would like to introduce you to Ron Rotenberg of Complete College Consulting. Ron has been a tremendous resource and mentor to our family throughout the college planning and application process. We highly recommend him. In hindsight, we waited too long last year to engage Ron (February) and wish we would have started the process earlier.

Might I suggest starting the process soon. The Junior year is tough enough and an earlier start will pay big dividends when she is pressed with school. Believe me, we learned the hard way. Ron is copied above and his contact information is in the email attached.


Thanks to Ron Rotenberg, our daughter achieved the ideal university experience. Ron successfully guided us through the college entry process. He mentored and coached our daughter, to ensure she was well prepared, for the college application process. Additionally, Ron provided a valuable college application methodology that was easily individualized. He deserves credit for helping us formulate a college placement strategy, and keeping our efforts on track. His guidance, insight, and tips were invaluable, and helped us avoid several pitfalls. We highly recommend Ron Rotenberg for college planning and admission. (Parent)