Benefits of working with CCC

What benefits will you derive from using a professional independent college consultant?

PERSONALIZED SERVICE – At Complete College Consulting personalized service is a given. For every student, we develop an individualized college planning program, designed to maximize the student’s admission profile.

RESPONSIVE TO YOUR NEEDS - We take time getting to know our students and guiding them through the college selection process. We serve as a trusted advisor to reduce the anxiety and eliminate the stress.

COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENT – The better you understand yourself, the easier it will be to choose the right college. Complete College Consulting will review your academic and testing records and offer suggestions for course selection, test preparation, and a testing timeline. We will discuss your extracurricular activities and make suggestions for summer programs that will be interesting for you, as well as complementary to your academic strengths and interests. In addition, a personality test is completed to help align college needs.

PERSONALIZED COLLEGE LIST – At Complete College Consulting a broad list of colleges is developed based on the comprehensive assessment. Each college will be a match for your individual academic strengths, talents and interests. Working together, we will fine-tune and narrow the list.

CAMPUS VISIT EXPERTISE – Make the most of your time on campus! Complete College Consulting will help you to prepare for your college visits and interviews.

APPLICATION GUIDANCE – Filling out the applications and keeping track of everything can be overwhelming! Complete College Consulting will guide you through every step of the process. We will give you a timeline to follow, assist with your essays and personal statements to insure that your special qualities shine through, format your extracurricular resume, and review and proofread your applications.

INFORMED ADMISSION OPTIONS – “Should I apply early decision?” Together, we will discuss the important and confusing issues of early decision and early action to determine the appropriateness of these admission options for your personal circumstances.

FINANCIAL AID EVALUATION – “College is so expensive! Will we be able to afford it?” From the beginning of the process, Complete College Consulting will work with your family to develop a list of colleges that is appropriate financially in addition to academically and socially. A college should never be eliminated initially because of cost. Complete College Consulting will research colleges that offer merit scholarships in addition to need-based aid; financial strategies will be discussed to increase your options as much as possible. We will explain the financial aid process and assist you in completing all necessary financial aid forms. At Complete College Consulting we determine your EFC (Expected Family Contribution) early in the process, so we have the time to make adjustments as necessary.

COMPARISON OF ADMISSION OFFERS - “When it is time to make my final decision, how will I decide which college is best for me?” Complete College Consulting will help you evaluate your options based on academic, social, and financial criteria so that you can make an informed decision.